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Interview : being a business lawyer, specialist in company law, and the enterprises in difficulty

Marie, Fatoumata, Ségolène and Ludivine (Thémis team) are studying a master's degree at the high school program at the ICD business school of Paris.

On March 17, 2021, in the framework of their studies, they have chosen to interview Fabienne van der Vleugel about “Being a practicing business lawyer and the enterprises in difficulty”.

Under the supervision and control of Ms Platiau (trainer IGS) and M. Kittery (head of training), the students have organized a life video interview (at a distance, due to the covid crisis situation), in order to collect practical and sincere information about this subject matter, as spontaneously and frankly as possible.

Fabienne van der Vleugel has accepted to comply with this challenge and to answer any and all questions, naturally, directly and sincerely, speaking to young future managers, the tomorrow's decision-makers who will also have to constantly look for the best equilibrium between private and professional life, the dream to discover new countries and the international life, and the will to enjoy the quality of everyday life, the necessity to study perfectly any and all details of a professional file without forgetting the general and main objective of the client.

The spontaneity of the interview makes it, of course, perfectible. However, students were looking for sincerity and simplicity to provoke ideas to their colleague students, to suggest ambition, to help building professional orientations, and to trigger constructive dynamic and thoughts, in a genuine natural atmosphere.

Challenge has been achieved. It is in that spirit that authorization has been given to ICD business school of Paris (IGS group) to publish the recorded interview within its network.

Read more: https://www.youtube.com