VDV AVOCATS provides its services in accordance with three basic principles, each constituting an asset, justifying its working methodology for providing services to companies, operational security and client satisfaction.


Fabienne van der Vleugel gives her clients sufficient time to enable them to explain their projects, thereby enabling her to prepare the work to be done in accordance with their objectives, whether for the purpose of business law advice or litigation.

To give the most appropriate advice for the solution of a legal problem presupposes full comprehension of the company’s business, policies and philosophy, analysis of the client’s expectations and objectives, consideration of any environmental constraints and visualization of the tax implications.

If the client contacts VDV AVOCATS for the management of a dispute which might result in litigation, Fabienne van der Vleugel would describe the alternative means of resolving the dispute, including mediation, that she uses regularly, to enable the client to deliberate on the most suitable method in existing circumstances for resolving the dispute and for defining the most appropriate strategy.


Close analysis of the problem, the definition of the appropriate approach in law or of the most appropriate strategy for resolution of the dispute requires rigorous management, in form and substance.

Given her experience in international business law and as a specialist in company law, including the transfer and restructuring of companies, Fabienne van der Vleugel advises companies in a considered and structured way throughout their development in all relevant matters pertaining to business law: management of the company itself, negotiation of contracts, resolution of disputes and organization of assets. She also provides her clients with a select network of experts and specialists, with complementary skills in certain fields, for certain projects in France and elsewhere.


Business law demands a fully proactive and continuous response to matters under consideration. While responsiveness is essential, it needs nonetheless to be associated with the working time required and with a rigorous approach: up-front attentiveness, in-depth analysis of documents provided, careful consideration, an objective view of the medium and long term effects, analysis of the global circumstances of the matter and the adaptation of potential solutions to new circumstances.

Depending on the assistance required, VDV AVOCATS manages emergencies, sets the schedule of steps to be taken, organizes forward planning, coordinates any external collaborators, regularly informs its clients of the progress of the work in relation to timing and the means of communication agreed with the client.